Christchurch Boys’ High School
main block

71 Straven Road, Christchurch

Heritage Listing

The ‘Christchurch Boys' High School Main Block including east wing and Setting’ is listed as Group 1 – Highly Significant heritage item (item no. 506) in the Christchurch District Plan. It is also listed as Category I on the Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga List/ Rārangi Kōrero.


The Main Block was the first building erected for the Christchurch Boys’ High School when it relocated from the former Canterbury College site (now the Christchurch Arts Centre) in 1926.

Designed by J. S. and M. J. Guthrie, it incorporated contemporary principles for school buildings such as large windows facing north, and open corridors to the south side. It also included architectural references to the original building.

As a result of the Canterbury earthquakes, and in accordance with the draft long term master plan for the school site, the Assembly Hall and Wilson Library building (1995), and the Commerce Block (1961) were demolished in favour of a new hall designed to connect with future music and drama teaching spaces. All works carried out were required to acknowledge the heritage values of the Main Block.

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