Heritage assessments

A heritage assessment determines the potential heritage values of a place using statutory criteria.

Heritage studies

A heritage study is an assessment of the heritage character and values of a local government area, or parts of the area, to inform planning and development controls.

Heritage impact assessments

A heritage impact assessment is the assessment of the impact proposed works may have on the known heritage values of a place. It is carried out using the relevant heritage planning controls and best practice guidelines.

Temporary protection plans

A temporary protection plan identifies potential risk and provides mitigating measures for carrying out activities within a heritage environment.

Conservation plans

A conservation plan explains why a place is significant, what that significance is, and how the place should be managed in accordance with that significance. Conservation plans are useful for informed decision making in the appropriate treatment and maintenance of an historic structure.

Specification and schedule of conservation works

A specification and schedule of conservation works report provides the requirements that will ensure the scope of works is carried out in a manner appropriate to the heritage fabric.

Interpretation plans

An interpretation plan outlines how the heritage values of a place can be communicated to future owners, visitors, and the public. It also provides principles, strategies, and advice for understanding the place based on themes that are the result of its historical development.

Maintenance plans and condition surveys

A maintenance plan provides strategies for the management of heritage fabric using cyclical maintenance. It is based on a condition survey.

Photographic recordings

Photographic recording relies on photographs for reporting site conditions observed during surveys, monitoring, or physical works. Photographic recordings are a useful mechanism for presenting onsite findings.

Compliance monitoring and reporting

Physical monitoring and the preparation of a report that demonstrates works were carried out in accordance with the conditions of an approved consent.

Built heritage advice

Provision of advice relating to heritage matters in accordance with statutory requirements and relevant best practice guidelines.

Expert witness

Provision of an expert understanding, or evidence, of matters relating to historic heritage.